Guest quotations

  • Cheng Yonghua (Chinese ambassador to Japan)

    "History needs to be borne in mind, through our efforts to promote the development, prosperity, prosperity and strength of our country and truly realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation".
  • Xiang Jun Bo (Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission)

    "Internet insurance has brought some risks in product pricing, insurance services and information security. We need to strengthen supervision and guide its healthy development."
  • Liu Limin (member and Deputy Minister of the Party branch of the Ministry of Education)

    "The task of balanced development of compulsory education is very arduous. If we want to push it in place, we must push forward standardization construction and grasp the construction of teachers' ranks."
  • Hu Xiao Yi (Vice Minister of human resources and social security)

    "Although we are entering the peak of aging, our fund strength is stronger and stronger, and it is completely reassuring."
  • Shang Fulin (Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission)

    "Strengthen supervision, prevent risks, promote steady development of banking industry, and better serve the real economy".
  • Wang Jun (secretary and director of the Party branch of the State Administration of Taxation)

    In 2012, 1 billion 353 million yuan was paid, and 1 billion 293 million yuan was paid in 2013, a decrease of 60 million yuan. A large part of the burden reduction effect was brought about by the change of camp.
  • Chen Xiaohua (Vice Minister of Agriculture)

    The grain problem is a big thing in China. This year will maintain high pressure on food safety enforcement.
  • Pei an Wang (deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission)

    There is no uniform timetable for the "two child" policy everywhere. It is not allowed to cause midwifery because of the "two child alone" policy.
  • Zhang Mao (secretary and director of the Party committee of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce)

    The five reform of the registered capital system is to reduce the burden on enterprises. Government decentralization and enterprise self-discipline are the future direction of social management.

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