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14:56 on December 27, 2013     Source: 138479.xyz      Mobile phone news

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Copyright statement

Any information involved 138479.xyz website (including but not limited to text, images, sound, video reports, charts, advertising, domain name, software, program, layout, column directory name, content classification standard) the copyright is a data provider and 138479.xyz. 138479.xyz without written permission, no person shall quote, copy, reprint and extract the contents or by any other means of illegal use of 138479.xyz. For the actors, 138479.xyz will retain the right to pursue its legal responsibility.


1, all this marked "source: 138479.xyz" or "138479.xyz * * / news" or with 138479.xyz LOGO, watermark all text, pictures and audio video copyright is the manuscript, 138479.xyz all, any media, websites or units and individuals shall not be reproduced, links, posting or otherwise copy published without the written authorization of the network. The written authorization of the media, web site, download the use must indicate "the manuscript origin: 138479.xyz, otherwise, 138479.xyz will pursue its legal responsibility according to law.

2, the "people's Daily" and the agency of a newspaper published by 138479.xyz works, the network copyright commission to prohibit any media, websites or individuals without the written authorization of the case are reproduced using.

3, the network is not marked "source: 138479.xyz" or "138479.xyz * * / news" or with LOGO, 138479.xyz watermark text, pictures, audio and video and other manuscripts are reproduced, this net reprint for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or recognition of their authenticity content the. Like other media, web site or download from the personal use, must be retained the indication of "source" and own the copyright and other legal liability. Such as unauthorized tampering with the "articles source: 138479.xyz", this net will be prosecuted according to law. If this net reprint manuscript involves copyright issues such as copyright, please call letter, contact with 138479.xyz. Tel: 861065363653.

4, the unauthorized use of the name is not standardized 138479.xyz reproduced sources of information, the copyright of unknown information, or steal people's nominal information release, this net will investigate its legal liability according to law.

5, the site as a result of system maintenance and upgrades to suspend service, will announce in advance. If the site control and non line outside the scope of a hardware failure or other force majeure caused suspended, inconvenience and loss by for the suspension of service period, this website is not responsible.

6, in view of the net release extensive source, quantity, such as failing to contact the author or other unknown reasons and the copyright owner to contact the copyright owner found this net reprint of the copyrighted works, please take the initiative to contact with the network, to provide relevant proof materials, I will promptly processing. Tel: 65363653

The statement of this website and the right to modify, update right and the right of final interpretation are all 138479.xyz.

Note: in addition to the people's daily and people's Daily Overseas Edition, the Tibetan Edition of people's daily, people's daily, also edited and published a newspaper agency in 26, namely the "Global Times", "satire and humor", "life times", "Global Times" English version, "International Finance", "people's Digest", "China Auto News", "cars", "motorcycle", "family car" trend, "", "sports cars and commercial vehicles," City News "rail transit", "New Energy Automotive News", "Chinese energy report", "healthy times", "Securities Times", "news front", "people's forum", "academic frontier", "global people", "new", "safety", "safe campus," Chinese Economic Weekly "magazine", "people's livelihood" national cultural history.

Trademark statement

138479.xyz, sports online, SPORTS ONLINE, PDHEALTH, people's health, people's bookstore, UNN, forum, people's post office, PEOPLEMAIL, PEOPLEINFO, information, people's daily, GOLDEN NEWS, Kim GOLDEN PAPER, the broadband, blog, community, people's power off, Qiang Guobo Liaoba, above all on 138479.xyz legal trademark right. 138479.xyz without written authorization, any unit or individual shall not use the trademark, the trademark is used as the name of the web site or.

People's network of lawyers

138479.xyz commissioned by the Bank of Beijing law firm counsel for this website, Beijing xinno law firm lawyers for this website show dawn of legal counsel, dealing with this site legal personnel dealing with legal matters.

Address: Beijing city Chaoyang District Jintai Road 2, the people's daily, 138479.xyz (zip code 100733)


News cooperation

Respect for the author's copyright and the right to network dissemination of information, promote the benign development of the Internet, the website of the principle of equality and reciprocity, the principle of resource sharing, invites all kinds of media and we have established friendly relations of cooperation, specific co-operation or see feed services to inquire: 8610 65368446.

(commissioning editor Zhou Ziyu and Zhao Qian)
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