"The new rap" executive producer Chen Wei China:
Blindly cater to the audience but not the future do not "pure" variety show


From 14:36 on October 11, 2018: 138479.xyz
 The variety show producer Chen Wei, senior vice president of Iqiyi
The variety show producer Chen Wei, senior vice president of Iqiyi

This summer, the new variety "Chinese network" and rap rap culture make a fire. With 2017 "Chinese a" hip hop compared to this program in a more affinity attitude for many hip-hop young people involved, and with more mainstream and localization methods, given a positive color for this art.

The show's producer, Iqiyi senior vice president Chen Wei in an interview with reporters 138479.xyz said, compared with extended rap culture, he hopes to create a bearing on the true meaning of the youth, the sun is a phenomenon of energy level works.

From "a" to do "better" is the biggest challenge

2017, "Chinese has" turned out to be hip-hop, rap culture into the public view. This year, with the introduction of rap programs of the "new" Chinese rap, it would not escape and "elder" compared to the fate of. In Chen Wei's view, if last year's rap program achievements is from "zero" to "have", then the new program this year is from "" to "better", the biggest challenge is the production team. "Because of the success of last year, the audience for this theme is not strange, but also have their own standards, users lack of novelty, also produced a sense of quality requirements." Chen Wei believes that the program of a music talent, sense of quality comes from the music itself, only high-quality music to attract the audience. In addition, the heart will show to do a solid, making more highlights, the key is to deal with the challenges. "To let the audience feel good, to promote."

In October 6th, the new "Chinese rap" finals ended. The program for the new achievements, Chen Wei's evaluation is "satisfactory": "from the various indicators, some is obviously beyond the last year, such as gold, hot words, some is flat with last year's level, there is no quality decline."

But even to achieve beautiful results, Chen Wei still felt pity. "Because of the time, we show reality show and the ratio of some creation, there is no way to show more detail, coupled with the emergence of some nonsense accident, such as intercom suddenly call to the people, leading to a temporary adjustment and on-site scheduling, manufacturing some regret." For these regrets, Chen Wei appeared very indifferent, in fact all the popular type of art is an art of regret, because every detail you have no way to control the whole process of. However, the inherent characteristics of regret is art, really do not regret, or else the level is low, or else it is not what the pursuit of."

Always lead, do not blindly cater to

From traditional media to video website, in the industry from more than ten years of Chen Wei knows, want to do a good reputation, good viewing program, the key lies in the lead, but not blindly cater to. "This is a starting point of the creator, your conception is to put this thing better to show to the audience, the audience is what you want to give him what, this is a huge difference between."

Different with Chen Wei in the past made programs is that rap culture of the audience is clearly more young, as the carrier of the program video website, young netizens also share great. How to walk in the young man before? Chen Wei said, one should look farther, to observe the trend of popular culture; two to consider the combination of popular culture and commercial culture, explore the development of commercial value; three to meet the express way for young people to create perspective. "You guess the hearts of young people could not guess, just focus on right now, it may become you just to cater to their needs, and to cater to the trend analysis will make this into a lead."

This year's "Chinese" made a lot of new rap, new attempts in leading the youth culture. From the high degree of songs sung by many people, and then to hang in the mouth of the "SKR" hot words, once slightly offbeat, most exotic, is to change the direction of localization and popularization. However, some people began to question, this change makes some rap culture distortion, sunshine, positive energy, and it does not seem to get in touch with rap. In this regard, Chen Wei believes that this question is rooted in the one-sided understanding of rap music and label, which he wanted to break the idea. "The culture of young people is not necessarily a rattling or extreme opposition, rap music is the carrier of it should be in different poses and with different expressions, true expression of ideas and views." He said, do this show is hip-hop youth, youth culture and even provide a discussion, "we just want to attract the audience, flow, or advertising by rap, we want to through this program really do platform to do for China rap culture."

Thus, do have a sense of mission of mass media creators

Chen Wei gave his position as a "mass media creator", the title to his work, more of a sense of mission and sense of responsibility. It is not easy to do Writings are for conveying truth.. Chen Wei believes that this is the creator of the multiple test of creative ability and expression ability, three concept, but also the creators should have the mainstream platform level. "If you want to know what is worth carrying forward, in the premise of visible short-term interests, but also choose not to do those kitsch vulgar things, not only to look at their own views, but also personal determination." He said, do it, than "senior and small" and "trendy but kitsch" program more than a few times.

"The program in the mainstream communication platform, do mass media influence is hundreds of millions of people. This means that you face the issue, is to disseminate high-quality content in popular culture, make the variety should have their own values. There are a lot of elementary and junior high school students in our program, do unto you. If you do not want their children to receive values inaccurate things, don't do low quality programs." Chen Wei said, "this is we want to load a variety show ', is to bear the cost, can not shirk."

(commissioning editor Wang Zhe and Huang Yuqi)