2018 Silk Road business leaders (Zhangjiajie) summit

From 10:21 on October 17, 2018: 138479.xyz

10 August 16 - 17, 2018 Silk Road business leaders (Zhangjiajie) summit "held in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan province. From Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Croatia, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, France, Germany and other 84 "The Belt and Road" relevant countries and regions, government representatives, envoys and international organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs and business association chairman of the famous international trade, finance, tourism, medical, brand experts from more than 400 people, around the "open a new era of development, the new platform, beautiful new Hunan" theme, the words "The Belt and Road international cooperation, and promote global economic prosperity and development.

Vice governor of Hunan province He Baoxiang said in his speech, open brewing business opportunities, win-win cooperation. This is the 40th anniversary reform and opening up, Hunan is standing at a new starting point, look forward to working with all countries in the world, and "The Belt and Road countries along to conduct extensive exchanges and cooperation, join hands in creating a better future.

Vice president of the International Chamber of Commerce China Zhang Wei said in a speech that 5 years of development and endeavor, "The Belt and Road" from ideas to action, hope each member of association, make full use of the platform to better serve their own business, so that more enterprises to participate in the "The Belt and Road construction, along with the country's trade investment and industrial cooperation and promote the interconnection along the country, promoting the common development of all countries, for the benefit of the people of all countries along.

The National People's Congress, chairman of the Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce Lv Jianzhong, international non-governmental organization is an important force to promote economic and social development, to participate in international cooperation and global governance. Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce, now has 129 national member organizations in 77 countries, the summit, to deepen the "The Belt and Road" cooperation, the construction of an open world economy, build a common destiny of mankind, it is of special significance.

The Summit includes keynote speech and dialogue, including project docking and pragmatic cooperation, involving "The Belt and Road" economic and trade cooperation, standards, brand construction, financial services, cultural tourism and the development of Chinese medicine and many other topics, through six parallel forum, and strive to create a "pragmatic cooperation summit along the platform lu.

At the same time, the summit issued "the harmony and work together to build international business integration and development of the community of destiny - 2018 Silk Road business summit," Zhangjiajie consensus "of Chinese medicine and acupuncture and human health" Zhangjiajie consensus "; the formation of brand evaluation of tourism destination" international standard proposal, and release the tourism destination brand development strategy; awarded the "Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce outstanding leader award", "Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce 2018 annual award for outstanding contribution" and the traditional Chinese medicine international promotion certificate of outstanding contributions, for promoting trade and prosperity, the Silk Road Economic Development and the development of Chinese medicine have made outstanding contributions to the international community.

On the summit, Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce "circle of friends" and the influence of the widening. Croatia's former president Stepan Mesi, former Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria Alexander Tomov was hired as a consultant of International Chamber of Commerce; Vigny was the 48 city of Macedonia in 18 countries, the Bulgarian botev, Leningrad, Ukraine Rui Australia Lang Ternopol city and Croatia Zadar City, Italy City, Uzbekistan Tashkent, Verona free into the Silk Road friendly city cooperation "; Tajikistan Suoge Lydia, chamber of Commerce, Bulgaria - Kazakhstan chamber of Commerce, Amman chamber of Commerce, Azerbaijan China Cooperative Federation of 14 international organizations to join the chamber of Commerce" The Belt and Road regional alliance; Bulgarian chamber of Commerce, Kazakhstan chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce, the silk road 18 Ivory Coast chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Commerce and industry organizations to join the chamber of Commerce, as its group member. Add fresh blood, silk road for the dissemination of International Chamber of Commerce "The Belt and Road" voice, speak good The Belt and Road "story adds more power.

(commissioning editor Wang Zhe and Huang Yuqi)