"Litchi circle of friends, open and win-win" salon held a new trend of content construction

03 December 2018, 09:34 source: People's Network - Power Forum

People's net Beijing, December 3, December 2nd, the "litchi circle of friends, open and win-win" salon was held in Beijing. Internet companies, industry observers and media people gathered together to talk about the new trend and new opportunities of content construction, and explore more "content +" mode.

Source of live events: lychee news

Chen Hui, deputy director of Jiangsu radio and TV station: Lai Chi news

Chen Hui, deputy director of Jiangsu radio and TV station, attended salon and delivered a speech. Chen Hui said that Jiangsu radio and television perceives a new round of tremendous changes in the wave of impact and communication mode of mobile Internet, and has made many explorations and innovations in order to comply with the new wave. From the channel construction, platform construction, mechanism construction and other comprehensive efforts, efforts have been made to promote the transformation of the traditional news production mode to an integrated production mode, effectively respond to the "Marginalization" challenge of the broadcasting and television platform, and further enhance the communication ability of the mainstream media. This salon not only shows the growth of lychee news in the past five years, but also aims to explore the next five years' development and reflect the mainstream media's thinking and outlook on the whole industry.

He Keyi, director of the network communication department of Jiangsu radio and TV station, introduced the growth course of litchi news. She said that the development of radio and television new media has already jumped out of the content of radio and television, deeply connected with the Internet, integrated with all kinds of media, and has been linked with various industries. "Media convergence is not only the integration within the media, but also the integration of the media and all industries." He can talk about it, hoping to use the open platform of litchi news to welcome creativity, content, technology and services from all aspects of the Internet, and jointly build an open and win-win "litchi circle of friends".

How can AI produce new media content? In content + era, how to create new content and value? Cui Hongyu, general manager of Microsoft China Innovation and technology, Guo Weiwen, general manager of tourism marketing innovation Department of Ctrip, "get" APP vice president Li Guogang, Tencent news AI business director Liu Kang, dragonfly FM chief operating officer Xiao Yi, senior director of voice brand Yuan Jiajun, Wang Gang, senior vice president of visual China group, Wu Sheng, founder of the scene group, Yang Ming, director of the future research institute of Xinhua financial network, and the media director of the media business line, etc.

In order to break the boundary and deepen cooperation and win win, the lychee news and the new and old partners signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the salon scene, and issued an engagement letter for the News Expert Advisory Committee.

(Editor: Li Bingbing, Wang Zhe)