"Litchi and open circle of friends and win-win new trend about the content of the construction of the salon

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138479.xyz Beijing on 3 December, December 2nd, "litchi and open circle of friends and win-win" salon held in Beijing, Internet companies, industry observers and media people gathered about the content of the construction of new trends and new opportunities, explore more "content +" mode.

The event source: litchi news

Deputy director of Jiangsu provincial radio and television news Chen Hui source: litchi

Deputy director of Jiangsu provincial radio and television Sharon Chen Hui attended and delivered a speech. Chen Hui said, Jiangsu radio perceived mobile Internet wave and the communication mode of a new round of changes, do a lot of exploration and innovation to adapt to the new wave, from the channel construction, platform construction, mechanism construction and comprehensive strength, efforts to promote the traditional news production mode to the integrated fusion production mode transformation, effectively deal with radio and television the platform of "Marginalization" challenges, to further enhance the ability of the spread of the mainstream media. The salon not only shows the growth of 5 years of litchi news, also discusses the development of the next five years, the mainstream media reflect the thinking and Prospect of the whole industry.

Jiangsu JSBC network communication department director He Keyi introduced the growth process of litchi news. She said that the current development of the new media of radio and television has been out of radio and television content, connected with the Internet depth, with the integration of various media, produce collusion with various industries. "Media convergence is not only the internal media integration is the integration of all media, and industry." What can be said, hoping to "litchi news" open platform, welcome from all areas of the Internet, creative content, technology and service, work together to build a win-win and open circle of friends "litchi".

Artificial intelligence how to enable new media content production? "Content +" era, how to create new value? Microsoft Chinese innovative technology general manager Cui Hongyu, Ctrip Travel Marketing Innovation department general manager Guo Weiwen, "" Li Guogang APP vice president, Tencent news business director Liu Kang AI, FM chief operating officer Xiao Yi dragonfly, trill brand senior director Yuan Jiajun, vice president of the group of high level vision China Wang Gang, founder of the Wu Sheng laboratory scene, the media in the future Institute of Yang Ming financial xinhuanet.com, iFLYTEK heard media line of business industry director Zhao Xing and other guests around the future of new media dialogue.

In order to break the boundary of deepening cooperation in the salon scene, litchi news and the old and new partners signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and press the expert advisory committee awarded.

(commissioning editor Li Bingbing and Wang Zhe)