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Legal Advisor: Exhibition Shuguang lawyer

Xian Guang, lawyer of Beijing Xin Nuo law firm, legal consultant of registered enterprise. Lawyer has worked as a legal consultant in large state-owned enterprises for many years, and has rich experience in internal legal counsel and full-time lawyers.

Legal consultant unit: Beijing Yuecheng law firm

In 1993, the first national top ten lawyer Yue Cheng founded the Beijing Yuecheng law firm, named after his name, and is a large specialized law firm with legal consultants as its main business. At present, Yuecheng has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Harbin, Daqing and Sanya, and has representative offices in the United States.

Yuecheng has more than 160 practising lawyers, bringing together professionals from famous legal schools both at home and abroad. Lawyers carry out specialized division of labor, including 12 departments, including the company's business department, capital market, finance and insurance department, Ministry of mineral resources, energy and environmental protection, international business department, real estate and Construction Engineering Department, government affairs department, culture and media department, intellectual property department, labor and personnel Department, medical and damage compensation department, civil service department, criminal business department and so on, covering all fields of legal services. Yuecheng implements corporatization management and serves the whole house. Over the years, more than 21000 cases have been handled, more than 92600 contracts have been amended, more than 314700 kinds of consultation have been received, and 15 law publications have been published.

In the past more than 20 years, Yuecheng has always adhered to the legal consultancy service. The legal adviser is Yuecheng's main business and is the core competitiveness of Yuecheng Institute. Yue Cheng is now a permanent legal adviser to over 520 government agencies, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, news media and other legal advisers, including the China Agricultural Workers Democratic Party, the State Bureau of cultural heritage, the Chinese foreign language Bureau, Guangming Daily and the Qiushi magazine. Yuecheng has the confidence and ability to realize thousands of enterprises as a permanent legal consultant in the shortest time and build the first brand of China's legal adviser.

Legal adviser: Beijing Jiayuan law firm

Beijing Jiayuan law firm (hereinafter referred to as "Jiayuan") is a well-known professional law firm specializing in the capital market and financial field. Headquartered in Beijing, it has branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong and Xi'an.

Jiayuan takes the lead in financing and investment in China, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, and overseas investment and financing of Chinese enterprises, and overseas mergers and acquisitions. It has served as a legal adviser for thousands of different enterprises (including more than ten world top five hundred enterprises and dozens of China's top five hundred enterprises) in stock issuance and listing, asset restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. Some of these projects have far-reaching implications and innovative significance in the capital market.

For different business needs, Jiayuan has several management departments, such as financing department, merger and Acquisition Department, international business department, finance department and so on. At present, there are over 100 lawyers and other professionals in Jiayuan. All lawyers have graduated from famous law schools both at home and abroad. Most lawyers have obtained master's degree or above. Jiayuan lawyer also has multi-disciplinary background of MBA, finance, taxation, finance, physics, machinery, energy and intellectual property. It can accurately understand customer needs and design the best plan for customers to help customers achieve their business objectives.

With its diligent, steady service spirit and excellent service quality, Jiayuan is well known for its comprehensive quality, strong overall business capability and good at completing difficult projects and solving difficult problems.

Jiayuan serves as a lawyer team in the people's network.

Yan Yu, Xu Ying, He Weiping, Li Li

Jiayuan related business sector backbone lawyer team

Large enterprises investing and financing - Shi Zhenjian

Large enterprises investing and financing - Zhang Wen

Merger and reorganization -- Yan Guozhe

Small and medium sized boards and gem: Huang Guobao

PE, foreign capital -- Wang Yuan

Li Weishu, a financial institution

For more information about Jiayuan, please call 010-66413377.

(Editor: Sun Xia Xi, Lu Zhou Li)
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