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- the youth force round table forum and the "people +" applet line.

Bo Chendi Liu Zixin (Internship)

2019, 05, 09, 08:47 source: People's Network - Power Forum

Today, the people's power forum is 20 years old. In May 9, 1999, in order to express the strong indignation of the netizens about NATO's bombing of our Embassy in Yugoslavia, the people's Republic of China launched the "BBS forum for strongly protesting NATO atrocities" and renamed the "Power Forum" in June of the same year. This is the first online political forum founded by Chinese Internet media. Patriotism and power are the genes that she is born with. The characteristics of authority, popularity and credibility are deeply integrated into the development of the forum. In the past 20 years, the power forum has been sticking to the authoritative voice and the mainstream value and persisting in the mission of conveying the voice of the people. Click to view the full interview.

In the 20th anniversary place, the people's network will hold the youth power round table forum of "powerful nation forum 20 years old youth". With the theme of "youth strength in the new era: striving for more youth", the forum will focus on two topics: "youth is strong and China is strong" and "tell the story of China well and hold the microphone of the times". The purpose of this forum is to discuss how to effectively unite the patriotism of the contemporary youth and mobilize the youth to undertake the great task of rejuvenation.

The first round table forum activity is from left to right: the guests presided over Jiang Zhe's dialogue with Li Hongbo, Wang Yiwei and Chen Di.

Youth and strong youth are the business cards of the state.

The first round table forum was chaired by Jiang Zhe, editor in chief of the new media review room of the people's Daily commentary department, and a series of discussions and exchanges were held with the senior research fellow of Tsien Hsueshen transport technology laboratory, Li Hongbo, the founder of Wang Yiwei, and the commentator Chen Di of the Beijing News. "We are the generation of" baby pandas ", who are well nurturing at home, but there is no less than no rain on the outside. Li Hongbo believes that the growth and development of young people are closely related to the development and construction of the country. "Time makes heroes, but heroes also create the trend of the times. Young people are the business cards of nations in the world."

On the round table forum, the young students actively participated in the interaction, and expressed some anxiety and confusion about the future of the contemporary youth groups. In this regard, Chen Di believes that the greatest anxiety of contemporary youth groups is to choose too much, and at the same time, with fear that they can not keep pace with the times, "we must do our best to maintain our learning ability, and forge ahead to improve ourselves."

Second round table forum activities, From left to right: the guests presided over Zhu Hua's dialogue with Zhang Yuanqing, Song Suhong and Chu Yin.

Tell the story of China well and hold the era microphone.

The second round table forum moderator, Zhu Huaxin, director of the public opinion and public policy research center of the people's network, and the three guest, University of International Relations Professor Chu Yin, Zhang Yuanqing, director of the overseas edition "chivalrous island" of the people's daily, and Song Su Hong Kong, Professor of Journalism and communication, Beijing Normal University, have discussed in depth the issue of how the mainstream media can play its advantages and meet challenges in the context of the media's deep integration. Song Suhong believes that although the forms of communication are constantly changing, the core of mainstream media has not been replaced. "Mainstream media can integrate different voices, transmit mainstream culture, and integrate the greatest common divisor in different voices to promote social cohesion."

Around the challenges brought by the structural change of Internet users to the mainstream media, and the control of communication means and ways of discourse in public opinion guidance, the guests expressed their opinions, and put forward many valuable suggestions for the Forum on how to actively act in the process of media convergence and further advancement. Chu Yin pointed out that if we want to "seize" the hearts of young people today, the mainstream media should put aside their attitude, "respect young people, in a sense, abandon the role of elite education, and recognize that young people are producers of culture." Zhang Yuanqing said that the mainstream media should change their way of speaking when they disseminate information, resonate with young people and reconstruct the sense of trust between producers and readers. "Combining the thickness of the mind with the temperature of the emotion will make the media produce a lasting communication efficiency."

The launching ceremony of "people +" applet, from left to right: He Jingru, Tang Weihong, Ye Zhenzhen, He Keng, Zhu Heping, Liu Hong, Dan Chengbiao

"People +" small program formally launched to create content creation interactive community

After the two discussion, Tang Weihong, vice president of the people's network, spoke on the stage. She said that the forum of the powerful nation will not change its mind, continue to act as a promising player, build a broad stage of gathering wisdom and cohesion of patriotic voices. At the same time, it will also seize the pulse of the times and face the future of China, striving to become the ideological motive force and source for young people to struggle, struggle and pursue their dreams.

In the past 20 years, the power forum has been actively adapting to the development of media communication ecology and technology. Under the background of profound changes in the current media pattern and mode of transmission, the forum has been constantly innovating. On the basis of the original functions of the forum, we develop a new mobile terminal product -- "people +" applet.

Under the warm youth melody accompaniment, He Keng, an old friend of the two powerful nations forum, the former vice president of the Central Committee of the 93 Institute, the former vice president of the Air Force Command Academy, and the major general Zhu Heping, came to power with the chairman of the people's network, Ye Zhenzhen, vice president Tang Weihong of the people's network, Dan Chengbiao, general manager of World Wide Web, Liu Hong, director of the people's network office, and He Jingru, director of the interactive Department of the people's network.

"People +" is a new platform for content creation and sharing. It aims to satisfy users' needs of creation, expression and social interaction, while building a new mainstream ecological community with multiple win. Small program content aggregation, thought propagation, knowledge social platform in one, focus on the "create", "learn" and "play" three aspects, gather experts and scholars, knowledge big V, active writers and other creative groups, produce valuable and tasteful content products, create a new interactive community.

Under the new era and new environment, the forum of powerful nations will continue to transform and develop a new era of media convergence.

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