The characteristics of contemporary youth are growing up in greenhouse but struggling in the mountains.

Bo Chendi Liu Zixin (Internship)

2019, 05, 09, 08:49 source: People's Network - Power Forum

A few days ago, the youth power round table forum was successfully held by the people's forum of "Power Forum 20 years old." Tsien Hsueshen, a senior research fellow of the space technology group's Transport Technology Laboratory of Li Hongbo, and Wang Yi, founder of the tower of science and technology, are guests of the Beijing news commentator Chen Di. Jiang Zhe, editor in chief of the new media review room of the people's Daily commentary department, discussed the issue of "youth is strong and China is strong". Click to view the full interview.

At the beginning of the dialogue, Jiang said that a generation of young people had the chance of a generation of young people, and the greatest chance of today's youth is the coming of a new era. Speaking of the characteristics of contemporary youth groups, the three guests expressed their own views respectively. Li Hongbo believes that the "big contrast" is a major feature of contemporary youth. She vividly compares young people to "baby pandas" - growing up in the greenhouse but struggling in the mountains. Wang Yi said that adaptability is a common feature of the youth group at present. Compared with the previous generation, Chen Di believed that today's young people have unlimited possibilities and are more able to choose and arrange their own destinies.

Faced with opportunities and challenges, youth groups generally have anxiety. The three guests gave advice on the current confusion faced by the university students based on their own experience. The pressure of scientific research is one of the problems of College Students' general anxiety. Li Hongbo pointed out that difficulties exist objectively, but hard work will pay off eventually. As for how to make choices for young people, Wang Yiwei believes that freedom is the first choice to be happy. Secondly, we need to regard anxiety as a good medicine to temper our mind and choose to stick to it. As a unique generation, young groups are faced with many challenges. Chen Di said that contemporary youth need to do their best to maintain their learning ability. He said frankly, "it's hard to keep your brain, knowledge and skills, and keep up with the times." At the same time, he pointed out that workers in every position should reflect on whether their ability to learn has declined in the intrusion of trivial matters.

(Editor: Bo Chen Di, Wang Zhe)