How does mainstream media attract young people? You need to lay down your body to resonate with young people.

Bo Chendi Liu Zixin (Internship)

2019, 05, 09, 08:51 source: People's Network - Power Forum

In April 23rd, the "Power Forum 20 year old youth" youth force round table forum was held in the people's network. Zhu Huaxin, director of the public opinion and public policy research center of the people's network, was presided over by University of International Relations, Professor Chu Yin, Professor Zhang Yuanqing of the overseas edition of the people's daily, chivalrous Island, and Song Suhong, Professor Song Suhong of Beijing Normal University's journalism and Communication Institute. He discussed the topic of "holding the good microphone of the times in China," and discussed how the mainstream media should take advantages and avoid disadvantages. When asked how the mainstream media should attract contemporary youth groups, Chu pointed out that "there are two points for the mainstream media to think about, one is to excavate the stock, the other is to make big increments". Two Click to view the full interview.

Chu Yin said that the mainstream media had a strong advantage in the areas of strong professional skills, high technical threshold and large demand for funds. It is difficult for them to compete with the new media such as the media, which is the stock of the mainstream media. He believes that in the media process of any era, the medium and high end are basically partial contents, so the mainstream media should constantly excavate their stocks to maintain their advantages.

During the discussion, Zhang Yuanqing and Song Suhong also expressed their views on the advantages of mainstream media. Zhang Yuanqing pointed out that in recent years, traditional media continued the core, idea and spirit of news, and quickly adapted to the trend of media convergence, thus forming its own characteristics and advantages. Song Suhong believes that mainstream media is in an indispensable position, viewing problems from a higher perspective, condensing social consensus, and adapting to the challenges brought by new technologies in an active learning attitude. Therefore, it can still maintain its advantages in the flourishing development of many new media.

Speaking of "big increments", the mainstream media needs to lay down their posture, respect the times, respect young people, and abandon the role of elite education in a large sense. He acknowledged that recognition of young people as a producer of culture and recognizing the interaction and participation of the masses is of great importance to the expression of social voices. Chivalrous island is famous for its "grounding spirit". Zhang Yuanqing also expounded his view on the issue of "talking about airs" by mainstream media. He believes that the mainstream media needs to have emotional resonance with young people and combine ideological thickness with emotional temperature, so that the media can maintain a lasting transmission efficiency.

(Editor: Bo Chen Di, Wang Zhe)